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Let us help you choose the right air conditioner. Use our air conditioner calculator to be sure your AC unit has enough cooling capacity (BTUs). 

Air Conditioning Installation

Ready to begin enjoying all of the benefits from switching to a new, more cost-effective, energy-efficient air conditioner? Call Vortex AC Pro, your Mesa and the greater metropolitan areas AC repair specialists, now at (786) 816-8444 to get started today!

If you are considering a new ac installation in your home, then Vortex AC Pro is here to meet your needs.

You will enjoy many benefits from having an air conditioner installed. The biggest reason is the control of the comfort level in your home! Units made today are designed to be energy efficient–this means that you are able to reduce your energy use and lower your utility bill.

A set of procedures are followed when a new unit is being installed at your home. We inspect your current system and verify that it is beyond repair, check any air ducts for cleaning, and make repairs as necessary and execute the installation once the customer gives us the okay. The parts installed include an inside unit and an outside unit. The outside unit is the condenser and is placed on a cement slab; the unit that is inside the home is the fan or air handler unit.